Fitness Sessions

In-Clinic vs. Mobile Sessions

The main vision of Heart Strong Fitness is to promote active living in an environment that you are comfortable in - whether it is in a gym, at home or outdoors. We keep our studio/clinic space small in order to allow us to provide mobile services for our clients and/or get outdoors with clients.

In-Clinic Sessions are great if:

  • You want a professional private setting
  • You want or we recommend more supervision during your workout sessions

Mobile Sessions are great if:

  • You are already completing a program at a gym or at home and would like us to review it
  • You want to develop a program to complete independently at a gym or at home and want to practice in the space you plan to use
  • You’re transitioning from more frequent sessions (in clinic) to more independence

Most of the facilities in town appreciate our expertise in assisting their potential or existing members in reaching their goals. Check with us for locations.

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I want to take this time to let you know how much I have appreciated all of your help and advice, Robyn. You have been so very supportive and inspiring. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program to help strengthen areas of concern. I have recommended Heart Strong to friends and would definitely consider taking advantage of your services in the future!

Rebecca H.

Sarah has been very encouraging and supportive. She meets you where you are at and helps you work toward your individual goals. She is great at teaching you how to modify exercises to make them useful for where your fitness is currently at. She never makes you feel judged, and always welcomes us with a warm smile!

John M.

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