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The Heart Strong Class offers every component of fitness in one place. Class size is limited to 5 people, and participants are able to complete their program independently. Our Kinesiologists are there to help you with technique and quality of movement, and regress and progress your exercises as needed day to day. Every participant is given a cardio, strengthening, core, balance and flexibility program to best suit their needs and goals. This is also a great way to get a solid routine in place before embarking on more independent activity. People with heart, lung or metabolic health conditions are recommended to attend the class with a Certified Exercise Physiologist and those with more musculoskeletal issues are recommended to work with a Practicing Kinesiologist.

A 3 session package is recommended prior to joining this class.

Class runs 10:30am-12:00pm daily. Pick and choose a schedule that works for you, 12 sessions for $240 + GST.

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I'm really enjoying the class, the diversity within the class, and the positive support. I also appreciate you challenging me without making me feel guilty if exercise is not the top priority. :) Sarah is very knowledgable about correct body mechanics and easily adapts exercises to suit individual body types and fitness levels. She is warm, personable, and very encouraging, specially for someone just starting out.

Jane J.

Having undergone quadruple bypass surgery, I was looking for a program to aid me in my recovery. Sarah has provided me with exactly that with a series of visits to a well equipped facility. I have been able to work on recovering my strength and increasing my flexibility in an environment where her expertise and positive encouragement have aided me immensely. My increased confidence level about my stamina and well being are greatly appreciated! Thank you Sarah!

Bill K.

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