April 23, 2020

Virtual Sessions with Heart Strong Fitness

Like everyone, we are adjusting to our “new normal” in these times of COVID-19. We miss our clients and our colleagues and can’t wait until we can resume in clinic sessions. BUT! In the meantime, we are now offering virtual tele-rehab sessions. It is more important than ever for our physical health, mental health and emotional health to keep active in any way you can. There are TONS of you-tube videos of home workouts out there and it can be a little overwhelming of what to do or where to start. If you are a current or past client of Heart Strong Fitness, you have an advantage; we know your past injuries, compensations and needs. If you are new to HSF, we can still provide a great individual plan for you utilizing our tele-rehab sessions and our exercise software which gives you pictures and video of the prescribed exercises. We know that it seems a bit overwhelming and scary to try these new types of sessions and that is why we wanted to show you what it would look like and why NOT to be intimidated. We have been thrown into a more virtual world very fast but think that this is a great new medium for our business and for you. It is easier than you think!

Our billing and scheduling program has its own secure video platform called Phzio. Only you will receive a link - connected to your appointment by email and can only enter the video once the therapist has entered. Once on the video, the therapist will review our consent form and confirm the location you are at and an emergency contact.

We are offering a variety of sessions to meet everyone’s needs.

60 minute Phzio sessions: During a 60 minute session, you can expect to go through a planned workout including stretches and exercises (just like you would in the clinic). The therapist can give you pointers on your technique, how to complete each exercise with the equipment that you have and things around the house.

30 minute Phzio sessions: During a 30 minute session, the therapist will go over exercises to make you an individual program. You will chat about the exercises and do demonstrations. Exercises will be progressed and/or changed as needed.

10-15 min telephone session: If you have a specific question or two that can be reviewed over the phone instead of video, this is another great option. Questions or issues can be discussed with a brief phone call and exercises can be adjusted on your Physiotec program and emailed to you.

When you book a session with Robyn or Sarah you will get an email reminder with the link to the Phzio session.

On the time and date of your appointment, you will click on the link which will bring you to the Phzio app. This can be completed on any device that has video and audio capabilities.

Once the therapist has started the session on their end, you will be prompted to give consent to using the virtual platform.

Then the session begins! It is very user friendly, and we have been having great success with our clients so far.

What the session looks like for you

What the session looks like for the therapist

We are also offering a virtual group strength class. This class is targeted as strength for runners but can be adapted for anyone. Unfortunately, Phzio is not set up for group sessions so we are using Zoom Pro. We are enabling passwords and locking sessions once everyone has arrived to increase the security of this platform.

Group Zoom classes

So, if you haven't already heard from Robyn or Sarah and want to try a virtual session, now is the time! We are staying tuned to all medical recommendations and hope to be able to offer a modified version of our usual in person clinic sessions and outdoor classes as soon as possible. We will continue to be able to provide tele-rehab sessions even when we open the clinic. We hope to "see" you all soon!

In Good Health,

Robyn and Sarah Heart Strong Fitness

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