January 2, 2019

Why Hire a Kinesiologist?

Investing in Your Health

As a New Year is here, we are inudated with the "resolutions" and "new year, new me" type of talk. We try out new diets, or new exercise programs and hope to "start the year off right". It is improtant to relaize that these type of changes do not come overnight and should be seen as a long term lifestyle change.

What actually IS a Kinesiologist?

Kinesiology by definition means "the study of movement".

While most Kinesiologists work in the rehabilitation field, we also do general fitness. But really, we all have some sort of lingering injury or rehab to do. A Kinesiologist can complete a movement assessment and see where you have have weaknesses vs. strengths in movement patterns. We prescribe exercises specifically to help you in those weakness or sensitive areas.

So why hire a Kinesiologist to help you along your journey?

1. Get a personalized exercie program

Where to start? You want to change your activity habits, but don't know how. There is so much information and online resources, but what is the best for YOU? We can assist you in exercises that will most help your body and your goals.

2. Reduce injuries

Having someone who knows your current physical abilities will make sure you are safely and properly attaining your goals. The most challenging part of beginning a new activity routine is the mental restraint of not going "too hard, too fast". Our muscles and tendons need to be progressivle challenged or overloaded as to reduce any chance of injury.

3. Proper technique

Having a Kinesiologist focus on movement techinque will also help reduce injuries and make sure you are getting the most bang for you buck with exercises.

4. Accountability

The most common excuse that we hear and most common obstacle to overcome is "I don't have time". For those of us with a busy schedule, it is importnat to schedule in your workouts just like any other meeting or activity. Having an appointment will likely make you more accountable in completing your exercises. So whether it is with us or on your own, make sure you schedule in your workouts.

5. Movement

Our body is meant to move! As we have more and more sedentary work-life, it is important to keep your body moving and healthy.

Invest in yourself and work with a Kinesiologist. We provide free consultations to discuss the best option for you and your goals.

Here's to a happy and healthy activity filled 2019! Keep moving!

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