December 14, 2018

Donna's Story

We love when we can help a client get back to feeling good after a surgery! Both Sarah and I had the pleasure of working with Donna recovery from a cardiac event. She found benefits in both working in the gym and the pool and wanted to share her experience. This is Donna's story...

I recently took part in a six week hydrotherapy programme with Robyn at Heart Strong fitness. It was invaluable. I highly recommend this to anyone recovering from any type of surgery or procedure that sees them trying to begin, or return to, greater mobility and flexibility.

After my open heart surgery, it was suggested that I would greatly benefit from pool exercises to help me get stronger in my upper body and also break down the scar tissue associated with the operation. I was very reluctant to do this as I am not a ‘pool’ person at all. However; upon having a consult with Sarah from Heart Strong, I discovered that her business partner Robyn offered very small class hydrotherapy sessions at a small pool here in Campbell River. There happened to be a class starting the following day with one remaining spot. How could I refuse?

Robyn guided me through various exercises and techniques whereby I now feel like I can fully open my chest and not feel impeded when I try to sit up straight with my shoulders back. My arms and chest have become notably stronger. I watched her guide other clients in other rehabilitative movements for their respective conditions. While being patient with each person, Robyn has a gentle way of encouraging you to improve and get stronger.

Whatever your goals may be to improve physically, consider this form of rehabilitation as part of the process. It is very worthwhile and rewarding.

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