Campbell River Personal Training

Be happier, healthier and more energetic!

Be your best self!

We provide functional, efficient and effective exercise programming and active living counselling to a full spectrum of clients; from those struggling with activities of daily living, returning to work and life after a change in health, to those with specific athletic and lifestyle goals.

Full workout facility for personal training.

We provide a realistic approach to helping you live a healthier life every day; by encouraging self management and helping you gain knowledge about active living.

It is our passion to help clients live a more active, fulfilling and healthy life. Exercise benefits everyone, no matter what your age, shape, financial situation, or health status is. We promote self management of your health and are happy to meet with you biweekly, monthly, or just once to fine tune your program and ensure you are utilizing your precious time effectively. We are not solely a personal training studio - we meet you where you are at.

Invest in yourself!

Our staff are much more than a personal trainer with a weekend course. They have an in depth understanding of how different types and intensities of exercise affect your body systems, and how things change after your health changes or you have an injury. You would hire an expert to help you with a golf lesson or retirement investment, so why wouldn't you hire a professional to help you exercise efficiently and effectively and invest in the most important thing in your life - your health?

Change is good!

Alternatively, you may already be exercising and just need a change in your routine. Our bodies adapt to what we put them through, so if you want to continue to see an increase in your fitness level, make your activities of daily living a little easier, or continue to manage your weight and body composition, you need to change things up - at least every three or four months.

Outdoor personal training along Campbell River Sea Wall.

Be happier, healthier and more energetic!

So whether you are the 30 year old man who just wants to be a little healthier and get ready for ski season, a competitive athlete looking to perfect their technique and performance, the 65 year old woman recently diagnosed with diabetes and osteoporosis, the 80 year old man with a “weak heart” or congestive heart failure, the 50 year old man who has recently experienced a heart attack and is returning to work, or the 25 year old new mom that just needs to do something for herself, Heart Strong Fitness can help you reach your goals of being a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled and energetic you!

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