"I am so happy to have found personal training at Heart Strong Fitness in beautiful Campbell River. The staff are highly qualified, professional and motivating. I have been working with Robyn 3 times per week in preparation for a beach vacation and I have really appreciated her availability to schedule appointments. In the short time that I have been working with Robyn I have experienced an increase of confidence, strength, stamina as well as emotional and mental well being." - Nicole


I want to take this time to let you know how much I have appreciated all of your help and advice, Robyn.  You have been so very supportive and inspiring.  Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program to help strengthen areas of concern.  I have recommended Heart Strong to friends and would definitely consider taking advantage of your services in the future!




So I guess I am no great "success" story like you read in the magazines - lost 30 lbs in 3 months, running marathons, no need for blood pressure meds,  etc. etc.  But a major success is that I have made a definite connection to the gym, I absolutely love spinning classes (I bet you never thought I would manage to incorporate cardio into my life!)  and have managed at least 2 - 3 workouts/spin/yoga sessions a week.  My goal is 2x strength, 2x spin, and some yoga each week.  I am very motivated to get back to more regular strength training in the fall. My husband is still seeing a personal trainer and loves spinning classes as well so we will be going together in the fall.   Regardless of anything, we both agree that it feels a whole lot better to feel sore at the end of the day because of working out than it does because of getting old!!

I wanted to thank you both for everything you have done.  Your patience and your never-ending support has helped me make the transition to enjoying a regular fitness routine that will serve me well as I get older. There is no way I could have made this progress by myself. I feel pretty good about the fact that that I can even do any spin class at 60+ years old! 



Both my husband and I have had an assessment and sessions with Stacy - thay have been amazing!  She created a program for us that takes our strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations from my physiotherapist into account, and is still a challenging workout.  Her energy and knowledge is so appreciated!

- Jana


Re: Comox Valley Cardiopulmonary Wellness Program


 This program has been extremely beneficial on a number of levels and thank you so much for working to bring this program to us.

We have obtained a number of benefits from this:

  • having a far better understanding of COPD the disease,

  • learning to respond to alarming situations in a calm and controlled manner,

  • approaching our lives with a positive outlook rather than overwhelming fear,

  • a much better awareness of foods, fat facts and nutritional labels,

  • understanding what cholesterol and blood pressure is actually telling us about our health and learning how to make wiser choices,

  • how food and exercise affects our moods and improve energy levels,

  • how to set attainable goals, understanding why we make the choices that we do and how to keep ourselves on track,

  • seeing that good food choices and exercise has definitely improved our overall life experience in the last eight weeks,

  • additionally, doing the program with others who are also trying to make positive changes has been incredibly motivating,

  • one of our group members has brought another form of exercise to us, the Samba which has been thoroughly enjoyed by all of us, and

  • very quickly we developed a “small village” of support and compassion for one another.

Sarah please except our eternal thanks for all of your hard work, your compassion, motivation and willingness to laugh with us.  It is our hope that we may be able to carry on with you at the end of this program.

Dr. Dawadi and Dr. Camacho this program has been wonderful and we hope that the report you receive from this will show just how beneficial it has really been.

It is our wish that this will be offered to more people who reside here in the Comox Valley.  From what I know the program is desperately needed and could be so beneficial to so many.  If we can be of assistance in helping to work towards this goal for the Comox area we are very willing and able to do so.

Sent with Sincere Gratitude,

Emily and Vicki

I really wanted to thank you so much for these past 2 months of the Comox Cardiopulmonary Wellness program. All the sessions have been not only very educative but also very inspiring. Your guidance for the education sessions and for the exercises has and is still very much appreciate. I still can hear your voice in my head telling me what not to do (not to over do it hahaha) and what to do of course.

The dynamic of the group was excellent - I miss the meetings!

As for the benefits I can see in me: I am really amazed by the fact that my knees do not hurt anymore - that means so much for exercising, and dancing being part of it, and amazed as well by the obvious improvement in my strength in so many fields.

I am very happy we will seed you again in the near future.

Thank you so much Sarah - My life is much better thanks to you, and of course thanks to Dr Camacho's and Dr Swanson's caring attention.
I am a 60 year old male, and at age 48 I became a below the knee amputee after being very active in sports all my life. I lost all confidence and desire to remain active until connecting with Sarah at Heart Strong Fitness. She has helped me regain all of that and more with her passion and vision for a healthier life style. She adapted my program to accommodate my prosthetic and has allowed me to get the most out every exercise and be safe. Thanks Sarah
Funny I had a little anxiety going to my session with Ashley, but wow - she is delightful. Ashley shares and demonstrates exactly all of your values. I think she is a perfect fit for your team  as I know you to be and thus for me too.
For some reason I thought Heart Strong was all about groups and I could not get a little tuneup or sound board from you.
Your FAQ reads that way and has I believe since we first started doing it.
Just for your info I have been following your original program we developed and then I started dropping the check list and doing it from memory and some how "forgot" the core portion of yours. We had lots of that stuff. In hind sight doing it on your own is just fine but you need a tune up here and there for correction.  As you know.
I am so glad to be a part of your team again. If you haven't been told you rock for awhile, you have now..
I'm really enjoying the class, the diversity within the class, and the positive support. I also appreciate you challenging me without making me feel guilty if exercise is not the top priority. :)
Sarah is very knowledgable about correct body mechanics and easily adapts exercises to suit individual body types and fitness levels. She is warm, personable, and very encouraging, specially for someone just starting out.  -Jane
Since beginning the class I need less chiropractic adjustments. The core, balance and strengthening exercises have stabilized all aspects of my posture.  -Nancy
No improvement necessary. Sarah is excellent to work with. She pushes but only in a subtle way.
You have really helped my old body feel a whole lot better; when I come out of the sessions I feel so good from the routines you taught me.  - John
Sarah has been very encouraging and supportive. She meets you where you are at and helps you work toward your individual goals. She is great at teaching you how to modify exercises to make them useful for where your fitness is currently at. She never makes you feel judged, and always welcomes us with a warm smile!
I thank you for the great start you gave me.  I wish you continued success, you deserve it with your knowledge, patience and great personality. Thanks, again.- Sam
The class and Sarah are great, I look forward to Tuesday and Thursday mornings with Sarah and the ladies in the group. With her knowledge, encouragement and patience Sarah instills confidence in our ability and I trust her guidance absolutely. I am amazed at the progress I have made and am determined to continue going forward. Thank you Sarah! You make it fun!

I was a very active person who enjoyed running, biking and hiking when I had a heart attack last year. Because I didn’t fit in with the normal profile of heart disease no-one seemed to know what I needed to do in order to recover and return to my normal activities. I tried for a few months to train by myself with poor results, despite my years of exercise and high motivation to start running again.

Then I met Sarah. She designed a program for me that that took my limitations and prior history into account. She worked with my doctors. She made me understand the importance of following a gradual plan and that moderation would get me results. I am completely amazed at how well it worked. I can now run, and ride and have complete confidence that by continuing my training that I will be able to return to all my activities. I only wished I hadn’t tried by myself for so long.

I can’t recommend Sarah enough. She has a way of understanding your needs. I believe she has been the most important factor in my successful recovery.

Dan B

Thank you so very much for the time we spent together this morning.  After 6 months of lethargy, I am now reinspired. This a testimonial to the work you do. - Cheers, Rod
 The individualized exercise program Sarah created for me and her vigilant monitoring of my blood pressure and other vital signs created a safe environment and gave me confidence to try new things.  I improved my flexilibity, body composition, blood pressure and resting and active heart rates.  I feel ready to enrol in the maintenance program to make even more progress.  I encourage young and old to participate in this program. -Elke
Thank you Sarah. I never would have made it this long without your constant support and encouragement. Its been the very best thing I have ever done. I am very proud of myself. I am down 2 clothes sizes, 6 inches off my waist and 4.5 inches off my hips. Also I have lost 2 inches on both arms. I never thought I could do this . The Take Heart class Sarah is the very best. Now its on the year 2 and beyond. -Marj

I was a little intimidated and maybe a little embarrassed  when I thought of going to a trainer at my age.  I have to say, however, that I felt no discomfort in dealing with you at all.

In fact, it was fun and for the first time since I started running and exercising last December I feel that I’m on the right track.  I know that it’s important to know how my heart reacts under stress and I thank you for your insistence on the stress test. 

I look forward to seeing you in the New Year and hope to show you a very impressive 6 pack  -- ok maybe not that impressive but I do know that overall I will be in the best shape that I can be given what I have to work with and at this age (72) -Jake
After I had recovered sufficiently from a heart attack I had in August of 2010 (age 62!), I was referred to the Take Heart program run by Sarah at the Campbell River arena, and I have to say that throughout that program I was greatly impressed with the very professional but also very caring attitude she consistently brought to her work with us in that class. From day one I found she worked very much with us to help us as our mentor and encourager, much more than just instructor. Sarah always manages to find time with each individual to talk quietly with him or her.  She also displays a good solid knowledge of a considerable range of exercises for achieving many different purposes and is obviously well trained and familiar with all of the equipment. Altogether, she is a very warm, personable and skilled “trainer” with an excellent approach to people who need encouragement rather than just direction. All I can say is Sarah Wright has “got it right”(pun intended!).  I am now in Sarah’s “maintenance” program and intend to continue with that indefinitely. -Quentin
I would like to commend the instructors for their excellent knowledge and training...... They have been encouraging and have modified many exercises to allow all levels to participate... I have greatly benefitted from the program and I am feeling much better than when I started eight weeks ago.  My endurance is better and my muscle strength has improved.  Also, my pain has decreased.  ...... It is very useful in improving the quality of life of those who have a serious medical condition.  The exercise program is unparalleled in its uniqueness and how it is individualized for each participant. -Denise B

I injured my hamstring last month and had not worked out for one month..........Sarah was very helpful in reviewing my workout program.  She advised me which exercises to be careful with then watched me perform them (in case I ran into trouble).  Her assistance was greatly appreciated. -Robert D

Sarah was constantly concerned with all participants and ensured the exercises were being completed properly in a pleasant, consistent approach.  I hope you can recruit more staff of this calibre.   -Bob S

Through out the past year Lindsay has assisted me in my “return to work program”, I felt she was committed to helping me and did this in a very professional manner.

Lindsay was very observant to the fine details and bio mechanics of the body in various working postures. She was able to offer recommendations for ergonomic equipment which would ease the stress on my body in static working postures. As well she suggested various options for exercise and stretching to hopefully help alleviate the pain.

I am fortunate to have been able to work with someone who is both caring and knowledgable.”