Stacy Sanderson-Byers

Bachelors in Kinesiology

Practicing Kinesiologist (MBCAK)

Stacy graduated from the UVIC Kinesiology program, is a Practicing Kinesiologist with BCAK, and has an interest in exercise promotion and functional training for all! Stacy has a background as a dancer, cross country running and skiing, soccer, and is completely immersed in the culture of Campbell River - fishing, hunting and soaking up all our amazing community has to offer.  

Stacy is a Practicing Kinesiologist with a background in dance, strength and conditioning.  Stacy has a strong passion for dance, and has experience as the dance conditioning instructor at Victoria School of Contemporary Dance, and has also been dance teacher and choreographer at Boston Dance Collective, Island Dance Studio, CR DanceXtreme and University of Victoria. She also has experience as a trainer for football and other sport groups.

Stacy is also a rehab assistant at New Horizons.  She will be facilitating group classes and one-on-one or small group kinesiology/personal training sessions.  Stacy is a ton of fun to work with and has an excellent understanding of kinesiology (how your body moves), and is ready to help you reach your goals, whether its in your home, at the clinic or outdoors.

Personally, she has a recent interest in recreational gymnastics and is training for her first half marathon.