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Pacemakers and Passions

Just what does an exercise physiologist do?

Catherine Temple from Go Campbell River is a long time CR resident who knows almost every trail in the north island. She is creating a fantastic resource website to promote our community. I've known Catherine for a few years, first working with her in the Take Heart program.

The main clients I work with are those that are relatively new or recently returning to a more active lifestyle, or those who have been very active in the past and have had a heart event or new diagnosis that requires a change in how, how often, and how hard they exercise.  

Catherine has hiked, caved, biked and rockclimbed many of North Vancouver Islands hidden gems.  She has also been through quite a journey with her heart over the past 8 years, and hasn't really been able to do most of the things she used to do.  She is now working with a pacemaker and we recently reconnected to get a program together for her - with her number one goal being a return to overnight backpacking.  

We've completed 3 sessions, and in that time I've completed a few functional tests - testing her mobility (how her joints move), stability (how much she is able to stabilize her joints by recruiting certain muscle groups), overall strength, resting vitals (heart rate and blood pressure) how aerobically fit she is and how her pacemaker responds to different exercise (biking, walking and running).  

Catherine's next step is to get some good, supportive trail running shoes.  We took a look at her feet and how she walks and jogs and I gave her recommendations on what to look for for shoes, also considering whether she is going to be running on trails or sidewalks/roads.  

Catherine is also doing a ton of shovelling and gardening right now, so I've given her some stretches and strengthening exercises to keep her moving effectively.  She says it has made a huge difference for her neck and shoulder pain.

Last night, I saw this blog post on my facebook feed on the Live Out There website.  To the average joe, it looks like this fit young woman knows a whole lot about how to train for hiking, and most people would probably try out a few of these exercises.  After the few sessions we've done together, I've gotten to know how Catherine moves, and what her body's strengths and weaknesses are, and would recommend some of these exercises or would give Catherine modifications to them to make them more effective for her.  

That's what I do.  For most people who have lived in Campbell River for a while, and with the multitude of info on the internet, investing in a few sessions with a kinesiologist/exercise physiologist or personal trainer seems to be something reserved for either those who hire people to do everything for them (cleaning, landscaping, etc), or something only the most wealthy residents could afford.  On the contrary - a few sessions might save you injuring yourself either in the short term or years down the road as we focus on long term effective and efficient programs that keep you doing the things you want to be able to do.  We have a team so that we can find the right person to help you reach your goals.

This body of yours is the only one you've got - take care of it and maintain it just as you would your other most valuable possessions.



Monday Evening Women's Only Workout

We have one spot available in our November/December Session of the Women Only Workout on Monday evenings!  Email to book your spot.

More information HERE


Training with Friends

Perhaps you are interested in getting a personal trainer, but have shied away in the past because of the cost? Have you considered sharing that cost with friends? Heart Strong Fitness is pleased to offer group training; for a group of 4, an hour long training session with personalized exercise plans is only $18 per person! You can commit to one a week, one per month, whatever suits the needs of you and your crew.

We have the best combo – cost effective, professionally trained sessions with a Practicing Kinesiologist or CSEP Certified Personal Trainer. The fun of working with a group, but with a customized plan to meet your individual needs.

What’s required: A mini assessment $50 for 30 minutes, and a minimum of 4 pre-booked sessions.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any of your questions, or to set up your first session of fun training with friends, family, or coworkers.

Mondays at 7pm – 5 spots available $15/person/session Assessments Oct 5, program start Oct 19

Tuesday or Thursday mornings and other daytime sessions – 4 spots available $18/person/session

Or pick a day and time that works for you and 3-4 friends and we will do our best to accommodate you needs!


Campbell River Chamber of Commerce - New Business of the Year Nomination

I am extremely honoured to have been nominated for the New Business of the Year (1-5 employees) award.  It has been a year of immense growth, and work for Heart Strong Fitness, and I'm happy to say that we plan to be a part of this community for the long term.  I'm extremely proud and grateful to work with Lindsay and Ashley - together we can assist a much larger spectrum of clients, and Campbell River is blessed to have you!

Heart Strong Fitness info page

Thanks for being a part of our little community of healthy and active living!

Check out the Campbell River Mirror article 


Reducing the incidence of injury and improving efficiency in the work place. 


Did you know we offer Pre-Employment Fitness Testing? If you're wondering what this is and how it can benefit your business, read on…


Pre-employment fitness testing allows an employer screen a worker prior to officially hiring them, to ensure they are physically capable of meeting the job demands. This is an important tool for identifying risk factors for injury, thus reducing an employers injury/claims costs. It is also helpful for identifying areas in which a new employee may require some education on body mechanics and efficient work habits.


What does this process entail?

First a job site visit may be required to evaluate the physical demands of the job as well as frequency of physical tasks. A testing protocol is then developed to simulate those job demands in a clinic/gym setting.

Next the employer will contact our clinic after interviewing a candidate for the job, but prior to an official offer and schedule an appointment. A set of instructions will be provided to the job candidate prior to the assessment.

The results of the testing can be communicated to the employer the same day as the testing, and will also include helpful information such as ability to follow instruction, punctuality, and body mechanics.


Our clinicians have over 5 years experience providing pre-employment screening for truck drivers, carpenters, mail carriers, paramedics, and fish farm laborers. Contact us at 778.420.0111 or to find out how we can help your business reduce the rate of injury and improve workers' body mechanics and efficiency.