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Exercise of the week for Nov 8

Straight from Steve: the stability ball plank, dolphin kick, jackknife combo

Start with your elbows on the ball, directly under your shoulders.

Tighten your rectus and transverse abs (belly button towards spine) and make sure not to arch your low back.

Hold 30+ seconds or until you feel the burn starting.

Transition to the dolphin kick by rolling forward until both toes and hands touch the ground, and your lower stomach is on top of the ball.

Use your low back muscles to slowly lift both legs until you feel a strong contraction from your erector spinae (low back muscles).

Most of your weight will be held up by your hands, so ensure to keep a slight bend in your elbows to stabilize this movement.

After 15-20 reps, ‘walk’ your body out to the jackknife position and tighten your abs again before slowly pulling knees towards chest.

Slowly repeat as many reps as you can while focusing on engaging your abs, and keeping your shoulders strong while you jackknife.

This 3 exercise combo focuses on stabilizing and strengthening all areas of the core, and can be done in any room of the house.


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