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Reducing the incidence of injury and improving efficiency in the work place. 


Did you know we offer Pre-Employment Fitness Testing? If you're wondering what this is and how it can benefit your business, read on…


Pre-employment fitness testing allows an employer screen a worker prior to officially hiring them, to ensure they are physically capable of meeting the job demands. This is an important tool for identifying risk factors for injury, thus reducing an employers injury/claims costs. It is also helpful for identifying areas in which a new employee may require some education on body mechanics and efficient work habits.


What does this process entail?

First a job site visit may be required to evaluate the physical demands of the job as well as frequency of physical tasks. A testing protocol is then developed to simulate those job demands in a clinic/gym setting.

Next the employer will contact our clinic after interviewing a candidate for the job, but prior to an official offer and schedule an appointment. A set of instructions will be provided to the job candidate prior to the assessment.

The results of the testing can be communicated to the employer the same day as the testing, and will also include helpful information such as ability to follow instruction, punctuality, and body mechanics.


Our clinicians have over 5 years experience providing pre-employment screening for truck drivers, carpenters, mail carriers, paramedics, and fish farm laborers. Contact us at 778.420.0111 or to find out how we can help your business reduce the rate of injury and improve workers' body mechanics and efficiency.



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