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Walk this Way - Tips, Tricks and Walking Groups from Heart Strong Fitness

Heart Strong Fitness wants you to get moving. Serving the CR community since 2010, Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist Sarah Wright and her team offer exercise training and lifestyle counselling, motivating clients of all physical abilities to stay active through a variety of private and group services. Having just joined forces with Active Living Physiotherapy, their collaborative location offers even more ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just one of their programs is a fun and free weekly walking group. Here are some expert tips to get you walking this summer:

  • Ensure you are well hydrated, wear sunscreen and be prepared for the weather

  • Walk with a buddy, and/or carry a whistle with you in the trails. Be bear and cougar aware and make lots of noise.

  • Invest in supportive, well-fitting footwear appropriate to the surface you are walking on. Walking shoes are best if you are on pavement or sidewalks; trail shoes with a bit more grip are ideal for trails. One shoe doesn’t fit all, each have their benefits and drawbacks.

  • Always warm-up and cool-down. Your warm-up should include pain free movement through all the joints you plan to use, and start off easy in the first five minutes and the last five minutes. More cardiovascular events take place when a warm-up or cool-down hasn’t been included. Avoid that “sprint” at the end and the bench at the top of the hill. It is hard for your heart to go from working close to your maximum, to nothing at all.  

  • Some people may find it helpful to stretch specific muscle groups after their warm-up, otherwise stretch at the end.

  • Do the hardest part of your workout (hills, speed, etc) in the middle. That way, you are well warmed-up, but not too tired out.You should always be able to carry on a conversation, or at least put a few words into a sentence, even on the hard parts.

  • Wearing a FitBit or pedometer can be very motivating for tracking your steps - 10,000 steps is about 5km. Or use Map My Run or Endomondo on your smartphone to track distance and pace.

 About Heart Strong Fitness: The mission at Heart Strong Fitness is to provide functional, efficient and effective exercise programming and active living counselling to a full spectrum of clients; from those struggling with activities of daily living, returning to work and life after a change in health, to those with specific athletic and lifestyle goals. They provide a realistic approach to helping you live a healthier life every day; by encouraging self management and helping you gain knowledge about active living. Having recently joined forces with Active Living Physiotherapy, you’ll now find a range of services available at their newly renovated clinic at 2380 South Island Highway.

About the walking group: Heart Strong Fitness offers a free weekly walking group on Mondays or Wednesdays from their clinic at 2380 South Island Highway. Email, call 778-420-0111 or find them on Facebook for more information.

Walking group dates (all groups leave at 9am with either Sarah Wright or Lindsay Vardy):

Wednesday, June 24

Monday, June 29

Monday, July 6

Monday, July 13

Wednesday,July 22

Wednesday, July 29

Wednesday, August 5

Wednesday, August 12

Monday, August 17

Monday, August 24

Wednesday, Sept 2

Wednesday, Sept 9

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