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What makes Heart Strong Fitness different?

So this week is Ashley's first week.  I cannot even explain how excited I am to have her on board.  She has a motivating personality, a great work ethic, and best of all - CERTIFICATIONS and EDUCATION.  Ashley is someone who is truly in love with helping clients meet their goals and she takes the time, money, and energy to educate herself in the areas she feels will help their clients.  And she's only just getting started!  By the end of this year, she will be a fully certified Athletic Therapist (covered by some extended health plans), and CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist.  Right now, she is able to work with "healthy" clients or those who may have a chronic condition or injury, but it is "stable."

Having Ashley join the team means that I can get back to building the business that I've been dreaming of.  I want to create a culture of active lifestyle, regardless of ability, age or income.  The world in front of us has so many ways to live in an unhealthy way, and so much information coming at us telling us about the next best thing.  I love to help clients simplify and figure out how to best spend their "exercise" time, so that they can have more minutes living the life they want to have. 

So, some of the ideas that are spinning in my head:  having a better way to let people know about the Heart Strong class and try to minimize their fears that they won't fit in with the group, have an education component to the class that talks about nutrition, goal setting, weight management and stress management (since these are all important components of living a well balanced and healthy, fulfilling life, regardless of your age, ability and income).     What do you think?

Getting exercise and eating in a healthy way is something that you really can't pay someone else to do, so why not let Heart Strong Fitness help you do it in a way that will get you to where you want to be.  This doesn't mean having a trainer 3 times a week, it just means having someone to report back to and trouble shoot with.  We invest in so many things, take the time to invest in you!  Sometimes its scary to admit the things you've been doing wrong, but its far better to admit them and move forward, then keeping on doing the same things over and over again.

The longer days and bright sunshine certainly make it easier to get out and move (for most of us).  I biked with the kids to school yesterday, then biked home, drove to Sayward, met a client at CR Fitness, then drove to pick up the kids.  A number of times I thought to myself, "Am I crazy?"  Luckily I had thrown my bike in the back as we decided to bike home and have a snack, then bike back to the car to head to swim lessons.  As we were having a snack, Logan said "Mom, why don't you run back to the car and we will bike?"  I was so proud of him, and it made all the crazy biking around and packing up so worth it.  Then the boys went to swimming lessons......Needless to say, we all slept well last night :)  Every time we go out on our bikes, the boys gain more confidence navigating the streets on their own - something I think is so important for their independence and self-esteem.

My own goal is to be as fit as I can to be able to keep up with my boys for as long as I can, and for whatever amount it's in my control, I don't want anything or anyone take that away from me. I want to be able to move well, feel healthy, avoid injury and do the things I want to.  How about you?


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