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Successful losers - what do you need for sustainable weight loss?

According to the National Weight Control Registry (in US), these are the 7 habits of successful losers:

  1. Weigh themselves once per week and do something about weight gain
  2. Eat in a planned and structured way, and eat similar foods
  3. Eat a lower calorie, low fat diet - about 1800 kcal per day and 30% calories from fat
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Eat out less than three times per week and eat fried foods less than once per week
  6. ARE ACTIVE ONE HOUR PER DAY - SIMPLY MOVE MORE! (insert here - have Heart Strong Fitness help get you there!)
  7. Have less than 10 hours per week of "screen time."

How do you rate? 

If you are not quite there, pick one this week to work on. 

I've never been a scale person, but I most definitely see the logic in keeping tabs on those little gains that over the years, can add up to big ones. 

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