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Do something that scares you 

Sometimes the things that we are most fearful of are the things that we reap the most rewards from. 

My husband has always been an avid biker - whether it be road or mountain.  After 14 years together, I finally invested in a mountain bike this year and got up the guts to join a women's mountain biking group for a ride in Snowden.  Yep, even me - the kinesiologist and personal trainer that everyone probably thinks is fearless - HA!  My only goal was to get out there and try it once, and I did it and will do it again.  It's intimidating, trying something new and outside your comfort zone. It's easy to think of all the reasons you shouldn't do it - it's dinner time with the kids, my husband's had a long day, what if all the other ladies are super duper fantastic and leave me in their dust, I'm just too tired right now, I'm not up for the social stuff right now, etc, etc.  My hubbie pushed me out the door, and friend texted me to get out there.  It was awesome, it reminded me of the amazing things we have surrounding us in the beautiful town, that all the other women are just like me - need a break, some exercise and something other than a pedicure!!! 

The morale of the story - sometimes we just have to ignore all the reasons why you shouldn't or can't or your scared.  It all comes down to our insecurities and these things build our character and make us stronger.  If you have found a way that your body can move - then get moving!  You may not be able to do something that you used to do; why not be thankful that you have found something that you CAN do?  There are so many people out there with so many things working against them, but they keep at it.  A coworker said to me the other day that sometimes it's draining working with people with so many chronic conditions or issues.  I feel the opposite way - I'm so proud of any little successes they have, and seeing them do things they never thought they could do. 

Get out there!


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