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What is your fitness age?

Ever feel like sometimes your body is 74 and sometimes its 21 (likely after a bout of exercise or hilarious laughter for the latter)?   Figure out how you measure up - physiologically:

VO2 max and fitness age

A couple of notes:

Your VO2 Max is a representation of your aerobic fitness and takes your body weight into account.  It can only truly be tested by doing a maximal aerobic test on a bike or treadmill, hooked up to breathing apparatus to measure your carbon dioxide output and oxygen uptake. 

Resting Heart Rate in beats per minute should be taken right when you wake up in the morning.

Waist Circumference has almost more importance than weight - see previous blog posts.  The more weight you carry around your waist, the higher your health risk. 

Apprehensive to do it?  Fitness, nutrition and finances are all quite similar - the less often you look at it, usually the worse it gets.  Do the test now, then retest in a few months and see how you've improved!

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