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Who are my clients?

The clientele that I prefer to work with are those that may have exercised in the past and are planning to return to a more active lifestyle and/or those that have a chronic condition that requires a more in depth assessment and program development.  I also provide online personal training for those that are already active and just need to add something to their program or tweak it a bit.  My Get Strong class is targeted towards parents and working adults that need to add a little spice to their workout regime.  I want to help you live a healthier life, reach your goals and ensure you are exercising efficiently. 

Examples of clients I’m currently working with:

  • 30 year old husband and wife with a 5 month old baby – we meet twice per week and have a workout together and I help them with their weekly exercise schedule – what amazing role models for their little one!
  • Active 40 year old man that enjoys alpine skiing, hip hop music, mountain biking and fishing that needs a strengthening program that changes throughout the year.  For example, right now we’re getting him prepared for ski season.
  • Boomer aged couple with a few health conditions who are just getting back to an active lifestyle – we exercise twice per week – getting prepped to take dance lessons together!  They say people who exercise together have better marriages........
  • 40 year old woman who has gained 40 lbs over the last few years, has been active in the past and just needs someone to put together her exercise schedule for home exercise.  One of my online personal training clients.  She has a 25 page exercise journal for keeping track of everything exercise related for the next 8 weeks.
  • 80 year old woman with COPD and past bypass surgery that can’t make it to the Take Heart program and needs a little extra help getting out for walks and doing her strengthening exercises.  Evidence that it is never too late to get started.
  • 35 year old woman who has a complicated health history and has the most amazing body coordination and is super strong!  She didn’t miss a class all summer – that’s dedication!

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