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New evidence for the value of supervised exercise training in people with Type 2 Diabetes

A friend of mine is completing her PhD, studying under the direction of Dr. Ron Sigal - a world renowned researchers in Type 2 diabetes and exercise. 

"We would argue that this trial, building on the findings of previous studies, supports the addition of supervised, facility based exercise training to standard therapy for T2DM, just as exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation is considered part of the optimal treatment of patients with acute cardiac events. Many patients might decline to participate, but this is also true for other aspects of care, such as adherence to medication, recommended diets, and smoking cessation; a lack of complete compliance should not be regarded as a reason to withhold coverage of these therapies. Supervised exercise training should be offered as an evidence-based therapy and supported by payers in the same way as nutritional therapy and medications. The cost of delivering such therapy would probably compare favorably with the costs of many diabetes medications, none of which would have the vast range of clinically beneficial effects demonstrated in the IDES supervised exercise group." Excerpt from Dr. Sigal's editorial.

Sigal article

IDES study

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