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November Heart Strong Fitness Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

I hope fall is treating you well.  Hopefully your active lifestyle has transitioned to fall exercise and includes raingear and/or indoor alternatives! 

Fall has been a busy one for me - Tuesday morning Start Low, Go Slow class has been a great success, Take Heart is gaining momentum (see the courier islander from last Wednesday for an article about the first graduate), and I have a bunch of online, personal and group training clients to keep me busy and on my toes.  I have set up a "studio" in my house and the neighbours have been asking what the heck the yellow and black thing hanging from the ceiling is - my newest find - a TRX suspension training system. 

I will be planning out January pretty quick, so if you are interested in any of my services (training or group classes), please contact me at your earliest convenience.   I am working Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, otherwise I'm with the family.

I am taking part in Shorerunners Bra Night this Thursday, Nov 4.  Sorry guys, disregard this one :)  Bra's are 20% off, the Moving Comfort Bra rep will be doing a talk, and I'll be chatting about exercise and testing functional strength (sounds much scarier than it is, and give you a great idea of your overall strengths/weaknesses).

I have realized that all of our inboxes are probably filled with hot sales, etc a lot more than they are with healthy lifestyle messages.  I have started to wonder whether it would be better to fill my inbox with other things - it seems it has taken the health industry a little longer to realize how important internet marketing really is.  Surrounding yourself with healthy choices can make it a lot easier!  To get started check out for weekly nutrition/exercise tips, check out the heartandstroke foundation weekly mailing list, and google Dr. Sharma for the latest on obesity research - he sends daily articles of interest.  Check out Heart Strong Fitness on facebook and I also post interesting links on my blog, too.

On a personal note, I finished the 10 Km Perseverance Trail Run in Cumberland this past weekend and was greeted by my favourite three guys (hubby Jody, Grayson and Logan) - picture attached. 

Again, I respect your privacy, so if you would rather not receive my newsletters please let me know and I'll remove you from the list asap! 

Happy Autumn and remember to put yourself first as the holiday season approaches!


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